Digital Tape Storage

Storage 4U Records Storage Solutions offer a range of Digital Tape Storage services including storage of back-up tapes, server tapes, cartridges, hard drives and other high capacity media in our temperature controlled storage area.

The digital media is stored in high security keypad controlled vaults in Phoenix Commander 2 hour fire rated, water resistant safes. Our services include coding the tapes to an inventory (including bar coding if required) and delivering/collecting to and from your office on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

As well as being a crucial component of any disaster recovery plan our computer back-up tape services can help reduce insurance premiums, improve compliance with Data Protection legislation and ensure your valuable back-up information is held under the optimum conditions.

For a minimal cost our back-up tape storage services can help give you the peace of mind that all your company information is stored safely and that your business will be up and running immediately following an incident or disaster such as fire, flood or theft.

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