Confidential Destruction

Storage 4U Records Storage Solutions provides a confidential records destruction service that ensures all obsolete documents and records are destroyed securely, confidentially and in an environmentally considerate manner.

Although we are in the storage business we actively encourage our clients to review their archive files and boxes to identify records that have exceeded their statutory retention requirement. We proactively work with clients to keep their storage costs to a minimum and can flag ‘review by’ and ‘destroy by’ dates on our inventory system.

Our dedicated facility for confidential destruction services has a high level of security, staff who are all subject to rigorous screening procedures and an audit trail from collection from your office or removal from our storage location through to the provision of a destruction certificate confirming the safe destruction of your records.

The benefits of utilising our confidential records destruction services are considerable:

  • Reduced storage costs
  • Requirement for Data Protection
  • Confidentiality maintained throughout
  • Get ‘Brownie’ Points by going ‘Green’
  • Environmentally Responsible
  • 100% Recycled

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